Review: Pandora’s Box by Scott Howe

A good layered ghost story with so much potential to be an epic tale for paranormal readers Synopsis Emily has accepted a new position in Rochester, New York, having recently terminated a two-year romance with the man she expected to marry. While settling into her modest one-bedroom apartment, she has an eerie encounter with a... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Coffinwood by Aaron Beardsell

Synopsis Deep beneath the mountains, the hive grows. The hive hungers. The hive hunts. Hazel Birnam and her team are investigating occult anomalies in the dark forests of Western Australia. People are missing, the dead bodies are piling up, and ancient monsters watch her from the woods. As the town slips further into madness, Hazel... Continue Reading →

I Got a New Review!

For Whispers of the Dead Amazon has the paperback of Whispers of the Dead available for $3.83! How insane is that? Pick up your copy before they change their mind! Hope your December hasn’t been too stressful! Thanks, as always, for making 2021 a good year for my writing. If you’re on tiktok, consider following me! I’m going to be... Continue Reading →

Warden’s Reign

I try to go into new fantasy stories with an open mind with lowered expectations to give each author an honest change. Totally didn't need this for this book! From the first chapter to the end, Ms. Sheets has created this amazing world rich with history and mythos that intricately intertwine with her wonderful cast... Continue Reading →

Captive and the Cursed

I love a good fantasy story, and this one is fantastic reimagining of "Beauty and the Beast". The world ED Martin has created in this book has depth and layers, as any good fantasy novel should have. Her characters are rich and realistic, flawed but strong, and I was delighted by the little tidbits of... Continue Reading →

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