“If characters from Rosemary’s Baby got together with those from Bell, Book & Candle, and invited Stephen King’s to go with them on a road trip. Ms. Roberts-Huth would be taking notes while riding shotgun in the front” 

– PattyKate

“Admittedly I don’t read as much as I would like to. I have a very mentally tenuous job that requires me to read and apply critical thinking for 12-18 hours a day. When I read Whispers of the Dead I couldn’t put it down and when I was forced to so I could work all I could think about was the book. In the first few chapters you saw that the author most closely identified with her heroine and was using her as a vehicle to be understood. The natural transition and character development of the heroine and her cast of supporting characters quickly became fluid and I found myself getting lost in Zoe Delante’s world. I look forward to reading the following two books of C.L. Roberts-Huth world dedicated to Zoe Delante, getting to know Zoe shows us great insight to the author.”

– WonderOz

An engrossing murder mystery full of maniacal intent, suspicious pagan practitioners, and a gifted Wiccan who consults with the police precincts of Baltimore and elsewhere in Maryland, WHISPERS IN THE DARK is an exciting series debut and sure to thrill readers looking for seriously paranormal romantic suspense, heavy-duty action, and a truly monstrous serial killer. This entry has a lot of good guys and a plethora of bad guys, so our heroine Zoe, is on the edge constantly, both in her conscious life and in her dreams and rituals. A whole lot of thrills and constant suspense are packed into this one, so, enjoy!” 

– Haunted Reader

“This book was fantastic! …The writing was so vivid that I just wanted to wrap myself up in her world and live there forever.”

– Heather Quarnstrom

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. The character development is very well done, and after a while, you feel a bond toward Zoe, the main character, as she traverses her world. The writing is descriptive and evocative, and pulls you in to her struggles. I was told to read this book by a friend, and it is not the type of book I normally read, which perhaps contributed to my enjoyment of it. I really enjoyed the experience, and look forward to reading more works by this excellent writer. Well done!” 


“The thing I enjoy most about a series of books is when I start reading the next in the series I am already acquainted with and invested in some of the characters. So it is more like catching up with old friends I haven’t seen for a while. That is how I felt starting Whispers of the Serpent. What have the characters been up to since the end of Whispers of the Dead? How have they grown? What is going on in their lives now?

The author answered all those questions and more throughout this book, as I was reeled deeper into the lives and complex relationships of the characters as family, friends, enemies, workmates and loves. At times I was literally laughing out loud, other times sobbing, sometimes forgetting they were not friends I could reach out and help, but always throughout the entirety of this book I was engaged and eager to keep reading to the end.

Whilst this book is a complete work and tied everything up, the teaser at the end has me wanting book 3 of the series to be out already so I can go on the next roller coaster adventure in this vivid world the author has created where the fantastical is totally believable.” 

– K.L. Carter

Zoe Delante has had a rough year, and it’s time for a new project or a new start, and like magic, the phone rings. The other end of that call has a friend in desperate need for Zoe’s abilities both in magic and in criminology. This call takes Zoe out of all of her comfort zones, even the ones she didn’t realize she had. There is mystery, magical creatures, secrets, family drama, murder, love, deception, history, and so much more throughout this story. And by the end, your feelings will have gone through a rollercoaster ride because Zoe is just such an amazing character and you feel for her in everything she does like you would your best friend.

I have read all of the previous Zoe Delante books, and this is a great next part of her story. Huth’s writing reels you in and enraptures you like one of Zoe’s spells. I would spend hours just caught up in the movement of the story. I just had to keep reading to find out what was going to happen next. And while this is the third book of a series, you can read it as a stand-alone if you have not read the first two. There is enough review brought in of the first stories to help you to understand why Zoe starts the book in the place she does. Although, I highly recommend reading the first two books as well.

– Kim Tierney

This time Zoe leaves Baltimore and goes to Arizona where a new case awaits… Well, in fact, she’s lured to Arizona on a false pretext but what she finds there is the weirdest, the most complicated and the most dangerous of all her cases so far. It’s not only the paranormal and the criminal she has to face, but it’s also the world of political intrigue that she steps into – and she’s not much of a diplomat herself…:)

The plot is very fast but also very complex, involving the Sidhe, two were packs, brownies, fairies, ghosts,… and – to everyone’s horror – Mab, who is not the benevolent fairies’ Queen Shakespeare described but a figure so powerful that she scares the hell out of everybody… It starts almost innocently, but the further on we go, the more complicated and less obvious it becomes; there seems to be a mastermind behind everything that happens and Zoe discovers that this mysterious puppet master has plans within plans within plans… and she has to untangle all this mess to get to the bottom of things and save the little girl who seems to be the centre point everything turns around…

There are new characters, obviously, as we are in a new town, some of them really powerful, most of them trying to get rid of Zoe and her investigative instincts, and all of them hiding more than one secret. It’s an intriguing bunch, you’ll be surprised more than once by what they turn out to be and what they are capable of…

Lidia Chymkowska

LOVE Zoe and the crew! The story sucks me in and even after I’ve read the last word, I keep wondering what Zoe is up to, she becomes real to me. C.L. Roberts Huth has done that for me since book 1! She makes me care, pulls me in. I read the last word in Whispers of the Sidhe and I was ready for more! Glad are aren’t done yet 😉

– M. Quarrels

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