Review: The Street Between the Pines

I. Love. This. Book. And if you’re looking for a great psychological thriller for 2023, this is it. A strange creature lurks between the pines of Forest Street. Since the deadly DUI that ruined his life, Curtis Reynolds has long since struggled with sleep deprivation, debt, a failing marriage, and, frankly, justifying his own existence.…

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An excerpt from my newest short story.TW: Dark themes, violence and implied sexual assault If walls could talk… The man dragged the woman’s body across the wooden floor’s deeply engraved scratches. Vibrations travelled up and over the floorboards from his efforts, a silent, tangible melody beneath my coats of paint and wallpaper. This body wasn’t his…

REVIEW: Made for Evil: A Twisted Compilation

SYNOPSIS A thrilling collection of 8 twisted horror stories that are based on real life themes. Tales so disturbing that no one can ignore. Enjoy the dark, diverse and suspenseful story lines that Made for Evil showcases, which features: a disturbed family finds dead bodies in their house and realizes that real life is imitating…


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