Happy Turkey Day, My American Fans!

The Pilgrims were Assholes, But I am SO THANKFUL for YOU! If you’re celebrating today, may your day be filled with the food, fun and family you love!

REVIEW: Toothless by Theodore Thomas

A Fun & Engaging Dark Adventure for TTRPG/MMO Gamers Who Like to Read! Let me start by saying that I’m a giant nerd. And not just any nerd, but a roleplaying game nerd. Tabletop, MMO, whatever, get me with a band of my mischevious friends and off adventuring we will go. Oh, and I’m a… Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Coffinwood by Aaron Beardsell

Synopsis Deep beneath the mountains, the hive grows. The hive hungers. The hive hunts. Hazel Birnam and her team are investigating occult anomalies in the dark forests of Western Australia. People are missing, the dead bodies are piling up, and ancient monsters watch her from the woods. As the town slips further into madness, Hazel… Continue Reading →

Just in Time for Halloween!

Check out my three award-winning paranormal thriller series at the lowest price it’s ever been offered! Pick up your copy today!


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Welcome to the Dark Side… We Have Monsters.

Love the Zoe Delante universe? Love reading the works of CL Roberts-Huth? This blog is a great way to stay in touch! Welcome to the dark side. Hope you enjoy the ride!

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