REVIEW: Coffinwood by Aaron Beardsell

Synopsis Deep beneath the mountains, the hive grows. The hive hungers. The hive hunts. Hazel Birnam and her team are investigating occult anomalies in the dark forests of Western Australia. People are missing, the dead bodies are piling up, and ancient monsters watch her from the woods. As the town slips further into madness, Hazel... Continue Reading →

Spooky Season Sale!

Buy on Amazon today! Thanks in advance! And if you’ve read this series, please leave a review! If you leave a review, please let me know! I want to send you a personalized thank you!

I Made a Coloring Book!

My writing block has lead me to a whole new kind of book: a coloring book! And what a better time to start this new endeavor than spooky season! The cover of my coloring book Here are some of the interior pages! Interested? You can pick a copy of your own on my etsy shop!... Continue Reading →

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