January 2022 Roundup

Hello, my friends and readers! We made it through the first month of 2022, and... I'll be honest, it feels like more of the same. While we had some setback as a family -- we've started the process to get official diagnoses for my youngest, as we believe he has inherited my hubby's Ehler's-Danlos Syndrome... Continue Reading →

Fill Your Kindle!

Hope everyone had a pleasant day, no matter how you spent it. Ours was pretty low key, and I even managed a nap! Woot! Did you get an ereader this year? Want to know what to add to it? Of course, my first suggestion is going to be mine! This sale at Smashwords is still... Continue Reading →

Please Vote!

I entered my historical fiction story, Enough, to the Something or Other Publishing (SOOP) Short Story Contest. I need 25 votes to get it considered for the next round. Could you help me out? Vote here. Want to read the story? A swathe of light cut through the darkness accompanied by the raucous uproar of... Continue Reading →

Smashwords End-of-Year Sale

Smashwords is having their annual end-of-year sale right now! Two of my books are in this sale. So if you've been waiting for a sale to read my work, please consider picking either Whispers of the Dead or my boxed set (3 ebooks for only $4.99!) today! Whispers of the Dead Zoe Delante Thriller Boxed... Continue Reading →

I Got a New Review!

For Whispers of the Dead Amazon has the paperback of Whispers of the Dead available for $3.83! How insane is that? Pick up your copy before they change their mind! Hope your December hasn’t been too stressful! Thanks, as always, for making 2021 a good year for my writing. If you’re on tiktok, consider following me! I’m going to be... Continue Reading →

Warden’s Reign

I try to go into new fantasy stories with an open mind with lowered expectations to give each author an honest change. Totally didn't need this for this book! From the first chapter to the end, Ms. Sheets has created this amazing world rich with history and mythos that intricately intertwine with her wonderful cast... Continue Reading →

Captive and the Cursed

I love a good fantasy story, and this one is fantastic reimagining of "Beauty and the Beast". The world ED Martin has created in this book has depth and layers, as any good fantasy novel should have. Her characters are rich and realistic, flawed but strong, and I was delighted by the little tidbits of... Continue Reading →

Hey, Audiophiles!

Audible is having a deal through Amazon! For three months, you can only pay $5.95/month and get one book credit! That means my audiobook box set which is normally around $30 can be yours for $5.95! THREE Audiobooks for the cost of your Starbucks! Let me know if you buy one! On Friday, November 26th, I will... Continue Reading →

Are You Ready for the Holidays?

Greetings & Salutations, Gentle Readers! How is it the end of November already, folks? I don’t know about you, but time has flown for me here in Arizona. I’ve temporarily transitioned from working full time to being a SAHM again, as my new job decides how they would like to proceed. Which leaves me plenty... Continue Reading →

Happy Spooky Season!

Folks, it’s been crazy here in my little corner of southeastern Arizona! I hope your world has been a little calmer, but whew! Anyone else ready for 2021 to be done? (Anyone else not have high hopes for 2022?) Ahem… Spooky Reads So I have been doing a little writing since I sent out my... Continue Reading →

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