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Turning Struggle Into Strength

CL Roberts-Huth (born 1975) was born in Seoul, South Korea. Almost five decades later, she is a three-time mother, twice married woman, and an eclectic person, who resides in the sunny biosphere that is Sierra Vista, Arizona, with her wonderful partner in crime and three children.

Writing came naturally, and the dark clouds of childhood and adolescent angst gave birth to a myriad of story threads that reflected her inner struggle to find a place in this world. While she hasn’t quite discovered it yet, she’s fallen in love with the journey and all the stories unfolding in front of her. She’s a lover of many genres and a writer of a small handful, and she’s rather content with that lot.

All of her novels in the Zoe Delante thriller series have won awards, with “Whispers of the Serpent” also receiving the honor of being an Eric Hoffer finalist in 2017. Her third novel “Whispers of the Sidhe” won three awards.

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