Let’s Play a Game, Shall We?

I just had the best idea in years, and I need your help

Good morning, dear readers!

I just had the best idea to get my writing muse in gear again, but I need your help!

Pick Zoe’s Adventure

I want to write an alternate universe Zoe Delante story. But I want your direct input. What does that mean?

You get to pick:

  • which characters from the current universe we’re bringing over,
  • how powerful Zoe is,
  • who the bad guy is, and
  • what Zoe’s next move is

And so much more!

How it’s going to work:

  1. We’re going to start with polls for the abovementioned items (1-3).
  2. Then I’ll write the first chapter, ending with a poll with two options. You’ll have one week to vote.
  3. Then I’ll write the next chapter and we’ll do it all again.


The first three chapters will be available for free. The subsequent chapters will be part of my subscription service.


Be a Character!

All readers who participate in the first three chapters will be entered into a drawing to be a character in this story! The winner will be able to pick how their character looks, what kind of person or were creature, and occupation. Oh, and whether you want to be killed off or not!


Everyone who helps will be named in the acknowledgement section of the book!

Free Copy of Final!

When we’re all done, I will provide a final copy of the entire adventure as an ebook. You will be able to have a print copy for the cost of shipping.

Are You In?

Thanks for humoring me! I’m so excited!

First chapter drops on May 1st on my substack!

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