PRE-ORDER: Awakening by Catrina Burgess

Written by my amazing friend, Catrina Burgess, I am so excited for its release on July 1st! If you like well-written paranormal fiction, you should add this to your TBR.


She’ll do anything for vengeance, even confront death itself

Born a healer, nineteen-year-old Colina has been taught to fear dark magic. But now vengeance and survival are her only goals, and she seeks the help of the Death Dealers—dark mages who wield the death arts, drawing their power from the spirits of the unsettled dead.

Colina asks a death dealer named Luke for help. Little does she know convincing him to train her will be the easiest part of her learning.

Three dark rituals, each more terrifying than the last.

If she survives her trials, what will she become?

This book contains violence and dark themes such as demons and possession. Full list of content warnings can be found at the beginning of Chapter 1.

Pre-Order Here

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