January 2022 Roundup

Hello, my friends and readers! We made it through the first month of 2022, and… I’ll be honest, it feels like more of the same. While we had some setback as a family — we’ve started the process to get official diagnoses for my youngest, as we believe he has inherited my hubby’s Ehler’s-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) and our fibromyalgia and that has kept him out of school for the past two weeks — I have been working as a freelance blog content writer through Verblio and getting my art back out there!

But I did do some fun writing this month, too, so I thought I’d share with you!


10-Day Shortform Challenge

Each of these is no more than 150 words, including the titles!

  1. It’s All in the Stars (or Not)
  2. I Will Always Love You, But…
  3. Mercy Brown the Vampire
  4. Dear Younger Me
  5. I Miss Xanga
  6. Stand Up Even if You Stand Alone
  7. You Left, But I Have Questions
  8. This Life
  9. Cybernetics for the Real World
  10. Greetings & Salutations

Non-Fiction Articles



On Kindle Vella

Did you know you can now read Kindle Vella stories on your Kindle devices? I was so excited! I’ve been eating up several serialized stories, so if you’re interested, here are my two:

The Misadventures of Mayhem, Mischief & Magick

Wicked & Wonderful

The first three chapters of all Vella stories are free!

My Art

Check out some of the lovelies in my Etsy Shop!

February is my birthday month, and I’m planning a giveaway! So stay tuned!

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