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I entered my historical fiction story, Enough, to the Something or Other Publishing (SOOP) Short Story Contest. I need 25 votes to get it considered for the next round. Could you help me out? Vote here.

Want to read the story?

A swathe of light cut through the darkness accompanied by the raucous uproar of the drunken crowd. A silhouette cut through the saloon’s doorway, and a body spilled out with awkward steps and whispered moans. He fell off the edge of the boardwalk and lifted his head up as I walked up, pearl buttoned boots making soft noises in the dirt.

“All done for the night?” I bent down in my corset, curls falling from my updo. “Or you got time for one more tussle?” I held out one hand.

Shiny eyes swam in alcohol as his gaze slid up my small but curvy frame. He reached for me but missed, hand sweeping through the air. I didn’t need him to touch me. His energy wafted like the town bakery, and it pulled at me low and hard.

I inhaled deep, and he shifted toward me with a drawn-out moan. His want fed me like breakfast rolls, but his need drifted across my senses like chocolate cake. I exhaled slowly as I righted myself, reveling in the sensation tingling my skin.

“Let him go.”

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